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  Origin of Strikes Against Sarcoma

My name is Greg Peterson and I am a sarcoma survivor. During my journey to combat this rare form of cancer, I realized how fortunate I was to have an amazing support system of friends, colleagues and family, along with the financial means to meet the challenges that I faced. Throughout this experience, I discovered that there were those not as fortunate as me, who were struggling to overcome their own personal challenges. We felt compelled to step up and help. We have created a non-profit charitable organization called Strikes Against Sarcoma. The mission of the charity is to provide support for sarcoma patients with assistance for basic needs during their journey to recovery - food, transportation to treatments, home care costs or simply lending a listening ear to help someone find the appropriate assistance. Strikes Against Sarcoma is an all-volunteer organization.  All members are dedicated to the cause and donate their personal time to help people in need have access to resources to be as comfortable as possible. This support can be used to target the disease and can share in the success of winning the battle and enjoying a full recovery.

Greg Peterson
 with his wife Carolyn after the long, arduous battle since Greg’s initial diagnosis

 Mission Statement

 To provide an avenue of support for sarcoma patients by providing assistance for basic needs during their journey to recovery and by increasing the awareness of the disease. The organization raises money that goes directly to these patients to help provide support for basic needs.

We Thank You for the continued support!!

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